Speaker Spotlight : Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh Shukla is a WordPress developer who has not used any Microsoft product in the last year and is extremely kicked about it!

saurabh shuklaHe has contributed to a couple of open source WordPress plugins with a combined download count of about 1.8 lakhs and is very proud of it (it was 30,000 the last year!). He’s also a minor contributor to BuddyPress. He’s a FOSS evangelist and choice fanatic.

Below is a conversation we had with him about WordCamp Baroda 2014!

What are your thoughts about WordPress community in India?

Hmm! Last year when I was here, I could actually count the number of people in any visible community on one hand. Now, I can’t keep track of the people who have come together in India. And it’s good to see it swelling.

Brief about the topic on which you’re going to speak at WordCamp Baroda, 2014

Everybody who uses WordPress has one time or the other, heard of hooks, actions and filters, or what we call the Hooks API. It’s very powerful and has a lot of practical implications. It’s far simpler than it is made out to be, by both developers and lay users. Through my session, I hope to clarify what the Hooks API is all about in simple, conceptual terms. Those whose business is WordPress must understand how hooks work to be able to take true control of WordPress.

Why have you decided to be a part of WordCamp Baroda 2014?

I’m shamelessly there at every WordCamp. It makes me feel good to meet my fellow WordPress lovers, every time!

What are you most looking forward to during WordCamp Baroda 2014?

The whole lot of curiosity and the hundreds of questions that are part of any WordCamp. There’s a different energy when you meet so many people eager to learn and share. Besides, there’s the WordCamp Mafia that I haven’t seen in over a year!

Who in WordPress community inspires you the most? Why?

Alexander Gounder. He’s single handedly pulled all the WordPress lovers into a loose community that is at least aware of being a community. Because of his efforts at WPHub.in, I now know a lot of ‘WordPress guys’ in India.

A one line advice you’d like to give to everyone related to WordPress

Break things. Try everything you want to, no matter who says what. Start using git for developing and managing your projects and websites, if not GitHub.

Thank you very much, Saurabh. For your continuous support to WordPress community. We look forward to your support at the event!

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  1. Alexander Gounder

    @Saurabh thanks for the encouragement, you guys make me feel this is all worth it!

    Yes the WordCamp Mafia will be there! to remind you that even Facebook is somewhat of a Microsoft Product… hopefully their not ruining it like Skype.

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