Short Stay Apartments

Short Stay Apts is a new company in the short term rental industry. It provides people with the necessary short stay options in various different countries and skips all the inconveniences that the hotels may pose. This is why the popularity of these kinds of rentals is rapidly growing, it provides a suitable and more personal way of choosing an accommodation and allows you to do that at very low prices which can easily fit into your budget. State of the art amenities are included within these rentals because the quality of your stay here is something that concerns both us and the hosts. Speaking of the hosts, they all come from the location that you are wishing to visit. Local people from all corners of the earth offer their services as landlords and their housings for your stay. Even some less popular places are available and you can easily find a place to stay wherever on the globe you want. The result of choosing a short stay apartment is that it will significantly raise the quality of your stay and keep you budget in balance in the process as well.

The team behind this website strives to give alternative housings and accommodations to the customers. We are trying to help people reach places they have always dreamed of and thus even promote some less popular but in no way less interesting locations. Instead of staying in mere hotels or plain rooms, you can enjoy having your vacations in some more, let’s say, unusual accommodations. Some of these unique accommodations include castles, anchored boats, tree houses, wigwams and in some extreme cases even igloos. We also try to incorporate within our line of work open source softwares, which have proved to be very reliable. All websites are WordPress powered. We consider ourselves supporters of WordPress and endorse any other kinds of similar open sources meetups which come to mind.

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